Pleasant Mountain, elevation 2,006

Last Saturday was a warm, sunny, fall day that felt like a last hurrah for summer. My friends and I decided to hike Pleasant Mountain, which is one of the largest mountains in southern Maine. It’s located in the Lakes Region near the town of Bridgton. The leaves are just starting to change– not quite at their peak, but I imagine that the hike would be even prettier a couple weeks from now when the maple trees are orange, yellow, and blazing red. It was the perfect hike. A good workout, but manageable. Took us about an hour and a half to reach the summit on the Ledges Trail.  There’s a spectacular lookout area– great for a picnic.


At the lookout point, about 2/3 of the way up the mountain.

Pleasant Mountain lookout

Again, at the lookout


We reached the top!

Sheltie dog

We made a friend who was interested in having some of our lunch.


This guy just leisurely passed above the mountain top while we were having lunch. What do you call one of these little helicopters?


My buddy Zach at the top

Pleasant Mountain Maine summitt

Looking out at the White Mountains


This dog wanted to come home with us. Her name was Sheena and she’s deaf apparently, which is why she didn’t come when her people tried to call her to return to them.

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