Fair Isle Mittens

isak-inger-mittens IMG_8907 fair-isle-mittens

When I saw these mittens, handmade by Isak and Inger, I immediately knew I had to have them. I scored them on sale at the end of last winter on Beklina.com and I’m excited that it’s finally cold enough to wear them! I adore the Fair-Isle-style print of the fabric, and the natural wood beads on the leather cord. The mittens are no longer available on Beklina, but I found them here.

Fair Isle is one of my favorite types of patterns, so I did a little research because I didn’t know anything about the origins of this aesthetic. Turns out that Fair Isle is a place in northern Scotland, famous for its distinctive traditional knitting patterns and its bird observatory. Apparently only 70 people live there today, a decline from 400 residents in 1900. Now “Fair Isle” refers to a repeated knit pattern and isn’t limited specifically to the island. And here I was thinking that it originated in Sweden… you learn something every day!

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